Enterprise Survey123 and Microsoft Power Automate

04-04-2022 03:01 PM
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I am trying to figure out if anyone has been able to transfer Survey data from a Enterprise Survey123 through Microsoft Power Automate? I have seen examples of how to connect enterprise to PA, I have done that successfully, but I cannot find any example of someone actually using PA to move data from a survey. I would like to move survey responses to a excel table, very simple and straight forward in Integromat. PA seems to either not have the same functionality or be much more complicated to work with.


Is there anyone who can show me that A Enterprise Survey123 can be used with Power Automate? I have been banging my head on the wall for days, ESRI tech is not very helpful, and Microsoft PA does not have support unless I pay more money. 

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I may be misunderstanding something, but what is different between Survey123 and Enterprise Survey123?

Power Automate has Survey123 as a connector and can automatically insert surveys into Excel.. but I am not sure if this is what you mean?

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Enterprise is a little different than AGO. Enterprise requires a custom connector (https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000025025) to work in PA. Beyond that, they are the same.

Yes, PA is a little more convoluted than Integromat. And Excel makes the whole thing even more convoluted. MS saw fit to not include very good Excel integration in PA.

What type of Excel output are you looking for? Uploading multiple survey results into a single Excel workbook stored on SharePoint or OneDrive is very simple. Uploading a single survey into one Excel document with just a table is also relatively easy.

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