Entering a value jumps to top of repeat when triggering relevant question

04-20-2021 06:43 AM
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We have a survey created in Survey123 Connect. The survey contains nested repeats. The last question in the repeat that displays by default is an integer question. When a number is entered in to that question, another question appears based on relevant logic.

When filling in the form (either in the mobile or desktop Survey123 field app), if a user enters a value in the last visible question, the screen jumps back to above

that repeat rather than to the new question now displayed due to the relevant logic. Short of removing the relevant logic, is there a way to stop this behaviour from happening?

Video attached showing the behaviour.

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Hello @DataOfficer

From the video it looks like you are selecting the return key on the devices keyboard which by default will navigate to the next question in the form's "tab order". We have an internal issue logged to be able to specify that order. 

What you can do to avoid the behavior is either tap off the question instead of selecting the return key, or since it looks like you are on Android if your device has a back button you can select that. On IOS you can also tap off the question, or swipe down on the keyboard. 

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