Effective use of Groups in Survey123

10-22-2021 06:46 AM
Esri Contributor

I recently created a survey for a client for borehole inspections.

The survey comprise a main survey for the borehole information and then a related table for Inspection Records.

Since inspectors might not always need to see / edit the borehole information I decided to put it in it's own group and collapse the group by default. I had a brainwave though to display the details inside the group as part of the group header! This gives the inspector the advantage of seeing the information inside the group in a compact format without necessarily opening up the group.




That makes things much neater!

The following label was used for the Borehole Information group:

<strong>🛈 BOREHOLE INFORMATION</strong><br>
<font size="-1"><i>Site Name: ${Location} | Hydstra No: ${Hydstra} | Borehole ID: ${DWS_Number} | Active: ${Active_yes}</font></i>

Happy Grouping!

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