Editing Records in Form View - Loads Blank Page

10-19-2020 09:10 AM
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I am logging in to Survery123 online to make edits to the existing data by clicking the pencil icon in Form View (the panel on the right). When I click the pencil to begin editing, I can see the fields show up for a brief second but then the pane automatically reloads itself to a blank page where all I can see is a grayed out Submit button on the bottom. I recently added two new fields to my survey about three days ago using Connect (I have added new fields periodically before and have not had any issues until now). I cannot make edits using Form View even though I am the survey owner. It is still possible to make edits to the record by double clicking on individual fields, but I am unable to access fields such as file names for attachments or geopoints in the attribute table.

Form View shows up blank when editing

I would like to find out why the Form View is not loading during editing mode so we can make edits to things like attachment file names and geopoints. It loads fine to "view" the data.

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Hello GSTC Research‌, 

We have defect BUG-000134638 logged for this behavior. We have seen this behavior as a result of a release that went live later last week. 

I would suggest logging a case with Esri Technical Support and they will be able to attach you to the defect so you can be notified as it progresses through it's lifecycle. 

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