Edit a survey and send an email

04-28-2020 12:16 PM
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Is it possible to trigger an email when someone edits a survey? Would it have to be edited through survey123 web or could it be edited though collector?

Example: Township admin submits an issue through survey123. An email has been sent to the appropriate party using MS Power Automation notifying them. Upon completion, the notified party then makes a change to the survey response from in progress to completed thus notifying township admin.

If this is possible, would this have to be done as part of the email workflow or can a separate flow be created for that triggering action. If not possible in Power Automation, how could I do this?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi. You can edit existing data using either the Survey123 web or field app:

Once an update from a Survey123 app is submitted, you can trigger an Power Automate Flow.

You just need to edit the properties of your webhook from the website, to make sure the hook is triggered only when a feature is updated, as shown below.

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Hello @IsmaelChivite , The survey settings are as above but they do not generate Notifications with field apps but with Web they generate!. What is the issue? I re-downloaded the app when I recreated again the scenario but still the module of survey watching doesn't watch survey edited! I am using portal, I thought that it is problems of portal versions but I tested on 10.9 too!

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After selecting 'Existing record edited' in the Survey123 Webhook settings, my flow was still not triggering when a survey response was edited using the mobile app. I had to re-download my survey for it to recognize the updated Webhook settings, but it's working now!


It might also be helpful for some to know that edits submitted through the Survey123 desktop app will also trigger the flow if that setting is selected. However, I tried editing a record in AGO under the data tab directly in the table and also in MapViewer, and those edits did not trigger the flow. This seems to imply that only edits conducted in Survey123 (mobile or desktop) will trigger the flow.