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12-06-2017 12:49 PM
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There are two scenarios I am faced with a lot in my line of work:

One - When creating audit packages (books) for a disaster relief project, some of the most important, upfront documentation are the disaster pictures because they help prove the very basic question of, “Was this site eligible for Emergency Relief funding?”

Two - Many engineers, during the preliminary scoping of their design project, visit their project location and take pictures as well as brief notes on the surrounding area.

It has been brought to my attention by multiple people working in those situations that they want to see their pictures or pictures taken by others from Survey123 in their Web Map Viewer within the pop-up window. They also want to easily be able to export their pictures from Web Map Viewer without using the batch export FGDB method.

I recognize this has already been discussed, but has there been a solution in the form of being able to easily display all images taken at that site in the pop-up? Or pick and choose the photos they want to display within Web Map Viewer pop-up?

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Hi Gina,

As explained in my other reply, currently the display of photos in the pop up is controlled by ArcGIS Online and there is a known limitation around displaying related table photos on the pop up. The related record needs to be select first and then the table open, to be able to view the photos for that record.

The reason behind this is that it there could be thousands of photos in related tables on many records related to one feature record, as there is a one to many relationship to that related table. In that case the related record needs to be selected first, then the photos related to the record can be displayed via that table. If by default all the photos were in the feature record's popup on the Web Map, you would see thousands of photos from many related records which would not work or be able to be displayed nicely.

As for the easily downloading and extracting all the photos, from my understanding the batch export FGDB method is still the best way.



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