Dynamically update survey123 range parameters

04-23-2020 04:09 AM
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I have a number of range questions on a form, int_depth1, int_depth2 & int_depth3. Based on the value specified for int_depth1 I would like to update the maximum and minimum allowed values for the int_depth2 & int_depth3. Is this possible? I have tried two approaches without success.

1. Changing the parameters of int_depth2 to start=0 end=${int_depth1} step=5 but get an error specifying that all values must be integers. The default value of int_depth1 is 100 so it shouldn't be a problem with a null being passed.

2. Calculating the entire parameter string in a calc field (named calc_params) first and then specifying the calculated value in the parameters field for int_depth2.

Is there anyone out there with some ideas on how to move forward with this?



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Hi Dean,

Currently, dynamic start, end and step parameters are not supportable due to a limitation in pyxform which is expecting numbers. I'd like to encourage you to submit a request for this functionality via https://support.esri.com/. Similar requests from other customers can then be attached to the same enhancement request, which helps us assess demand for the enhancement and prioritize it accordingly.



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