Download Survey123 Data Without ArcGIS Online?

08-16-2016 08:51 AM
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Can survey data collected while disconnected (using iPad mini) be downloaded locally without sending it to ArcGIS Online?  We've created a survey; however, because of possible privacy concerns with storing the data collected from a couple questions in the ArcGIS Online cloud, use of the survey has been delayed.  ArcGIS for Server and Portal for ArcGIS has not been implemented in our organization. Although the questions of concern could be dropped from the survey, this would require that field staff also use pen & paper to collect that information, a less than desired approach.  As a result, we’re wondering if Survey 123 data can be copied off the iPads and stored locally without going through ArcGIS Online.    


Tony Viveiros

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Hi Tony,

It is technically possible to retrieve the databases off the device manually and then process them together; we view this as more of a failure recovery procedure than a normal operational workflow because you add a lot of additional costs in terms of data management and operational downtime to receive/process the information.

Given the concern about sensitive data, what's the storage environment for the data after reception look like?  I would think a DBMS would be the preferable option to manage data access and integrity.


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Hi James,

Thanks for the response.  Can you provide additional information on how to manually retrieve survey123 data off an iPad?

I suspect if we were to download survey123 data locally (without going through AGOL), this data would be saved and managed in excel and ArcGIS Desktop initially.  I would then try uploading the data to AGOL, minus the fields of concern, in order to leverage the online analytical summary capabilities of the survey123 website.    


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Was this post ever answered?  Also trying to manually retrieve Survey123 data off an iPhone.

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