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05-28-2020 05:06 PM
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New install of Survey 123 on Android 7.0 device.   Have authored the tutorial survey (HOA Preparedness) using my organizational account.   Looks good so far but when I attempt to download the survey to the mobile device, I get a message that a file or the SD card cannot be found.   "/sdcard/ArcGIS/My Surveys/38db...204/forminfo.json not found".    The device does have an SD Card which is called "SD Card" not "sdcard".   Could this actually be a required name?!   I have created the ArcGIS and "My Surveys" folders on the SD card.

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Hi Greg,

Apologies for the delay in response.  'sdcard' in this case refers to a name in the Android file system; it sounds like there might have been an error when downloading/extracting the form.  Can you delete the form from the file system (it should be in /sdcard/ArcGIS/My Surveys/) and try re-downloading?

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