Does not show the labels in the fields

10-10-2018 10:28 AM
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Good afternoon

I have a question! When I work with survey123 connect and I use multiple selection fields and single selection fields in cascade in the application it looks as configured, but when viewing them in  arcgis, only the names of the fields are shown, not the labels.

In the attached image it is shown as the field of districts and corregimientos show the codes that are the name of the fields and not the label that was configured as such.

My question is how can this be corrected?

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Hi Yennifer,

Single choice questions that have a choice filter do not automatically have a domain created for the field (which is how the label appears in other single choice questions).  Per the XLSForm specification, the choice's name is teh value stored in the database 

Multiple choice questions also store the name of the choice in the database, as a comma separated string of values.  As it happens, I've just blogged on creating labels in ArcGIS for multiple choice questions (it was in draft awaiting publication) - see 

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