Display multiple geopoints in a map using feature report

07-26-2019 07:15 AM
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I have a form using repeat to collect multiple geopoints. Is there a way to display all these geopoints in a form in the same map using the feature report tool?

I would like to have in the final report a single map showing all the location of all points surveyed in that form entry.

I'm using this for a transmission power line inspection. Each entry in the form is a transmission power line, but over the inspection, the user may add multiple inspections points. The report will, then, pull out all the data in a pre-formatted report, and a map showing all the inspection points over the same map.

That is needed because it's not very useful to have each point displayed individually, we want to see the distribution over the area of all points collected on the field.


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Hi Cesar,

You can achieve this by first creating a webmap in ArcGIS Online that contains the same feature layer that is being used by the survey (you can find this in the survey's designated folder in 'My Content' within ArcGIS Online).

After adding the feature layer to the webmap and saving it, you can then reference the webmap within the Feature Report Template by utilizing the Feature Report syntax, specific to geopoints, which looks like the following...


In the example above, 'location' serves as the field name of the geopoint question, and "10df2279f9684e4a9f6a7f08febac2a9" serves as the webmap itemid.

Once the report is generated, the result should include a geopoint displaying all records that have been collected in the feature layer for the survey (the same as you would see in the webmap it is referencing).  You can manage what records will be shown by setting filters in the webmap that will be referenced when the report is generated.



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Hi Brandon,

I'm wondering if you can have the report generated so that this overview map will only show the points filtered for the particular feature report? Say it is filtered by date of inspection, so a map with only the points taken on that day. Without of course having to go into the web map and apply a filter and save it then generate the report then repeat for different days.

Can it collate all the geopoints in the report and show on a single map?


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