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05-24-2021 03:50 AM
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please delete this post, sorry for inconvenience, in the meantime a colleague managed to fix what was needed


Hello there,

I have a survey for easy-quick data collection of some equipments that are identified with numbers in most cases, so there's a field to be filled with that number - that field is required but the app lets the user to leave it blank with just a space entered...

Any way to restrict that? I don't want the first character of that field to be a space - I don't even need spaces there, even if the ID is something like "BL 13" I can have it "BL13" with no space, if that's what it takes...

We've tried the constraints of not(regex(., " ")) or regex(.,'^[A-Za-z0-9]*$') no success - and besides, they only trigger the error when we finish it, we're thinking of using character limitation >1, but that's not ideal

This matters because there will be a lot of users and some might want to cut corners...unfortunately


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Hi @Teixeira,

You should be able to delete your own post using the Options menu in the top right corner:




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