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06-29-2020 02:58 PM
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How do you pass nothing to the default location in connect?  I am using a pulldata for the exif of an image that will generate a default location to be confirmed in the survey. 

I want to set up an if statement to use my generated location or pass nothing and use the default location of the device collecting the survey.  It works great as long as I get the lat/long from the image, but I need the else for the cases I don't.

It seems if you pass nothing, the map does not show as normal.   And you have to click the to load your location. (see attachment) 

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Hi Ryan,

What you are seeing is expected. If a geopoint question has a default or calculation, the internal sensor location will not be used. This is to avoid the internal sensor location overwriting the default or calculation. The user needs to manually select the location button to get the internal sensor location if the default or calculation had no value.

One way you could force this to happen, to ensure a location is captured, is make the geopoint question required.



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