Daylight saving time difference being applied to user entered dates (values after 3/12/23)?

03-08-2023 01:07 PM
New Contributor

I've noticed that when a user inputs a date (an input value before 3/12/23) into a date field, the Survey123 HFS data export output (CSV) will default to the date entered along with the time of 5:00 AM. My computer is currently set to Eastern Standard Time (EST), so this is to be expected since the backend of Survey123 is in UTC.

However, when a user inputs a date (an input value on or after 3/12/23) into the same date field, the data export will show the correct date but with the time of 4:00 AM as shown below:


This is creating an issue when a user generates a Survey123 report with records that have 4:00 AM because of the applied time zone change by Survey123 (-5:00) when exporting reports. In this case, the value 3/24/2023 4:00 will show the date 3/23/2023 on the report (3/23/23 23:00 after the applied time zone change).

Is there a solution or workaround for this?  Is this going to be an issue when the next daylight saving time change occurs? It is currently affecting a workflow where a user is entering future dates (date values after 3/12/23) into the Survey123 table but when they export a report using the report template, it is giving the incorrect date.

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