Date not showing up in attribute table

04-18-2023 09:25 AM
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Date field is blank in the attribute table.  I have set the date question as type: date, required (yes), constraint .<today().  No data in attribute table.  do i have to format the field or is there something I am missing to have the Dat of Birth show up in the date field.  




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I've seen something similar happen to Arcade coding and other ESRI products. It's sometimes a brief disruption or loss of connection. What version are you using and has it resolved since you posted? 

Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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version 3.16.110   It never resolved itself.  tried multiple ways to have date show in attribute table but all results showed "null"  I was using the field in a popup on my webmap to show DOB and age.  I just deleted tHE DOB reference.  that will work for me.  But like to know for future reference if there is a way to have the results in attribute table.  thanks for the response.  

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