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10-19-2018 07:02 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all. I'm new with #Survey123, nevertheless lately I have had some problems with the information that I share or upload to the platform. The main problem, is that the information for every field don't appear or isn't the same like I designed, for example for question type "Selection" in the table of the information appear #NAME and not the #LABEL, or sometimes for #TIME appear a different time that I saved in my survey.

Please, can you help me with this. Thanks!

James Tedrick

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Hi Pedro,

For single choice and multiple choice questions, the value stored in the table is the name value of the choice (this is due to the fact that a choice can have labels in multiple languages).  For single choice questions, we also create a domain associating the default label to the name value, allowing ArcGIS products to automatically display the label, as you see in the form details.

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Hi James,

I have had a related question up for a few months. I have a couple of questions in response here.

1) in my survey, it is actually storing the label value for all single choice questions that do not use a choice list. How do I get it to store the name value instead? For example, see the Host field in the screenshot. It is storing the label (Picea glauca/whitespruce) rather than the name value (which is the coded value 94).  The code is needed for porting into another database, but I would like to display the label value in maps on ArcGIS Pro and AGOL. .

2) for single choice questions (Damage causing agent) that have a choice list (Damage agent category), it is storing the name value (26029). But it does not seem to store a domain with the more informative label (Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli / Spruce Broom Rust). Is there any way to achieve that association in maps on AGOL and ArcGIS Pro? If not, is there any workaround you can think of?



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