Currency in Survey123 and Dashboard

06-19-2020 01:28 PM
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I am using Survey123. While designing my survey the only choice I have for my currency information is the number selection. This prevents me from using dollar signs or commas. How do I account for funds in the survey? Also this data is to be used in the dashboard. When displayed in the dashboard it is hard to impossible to immediately register 9000000 vs 90000000. Without the commas you have to count zeros to determine the value. If I use the currency in single line text of the survey so I can include commas and dollar signs, then dashboard can't graph and chart that data. Basically how do I format the data for currency in Survey123? Please tell me ESRI has a currency field in the design of the survey form.

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Hello Zachary Fratto‌, 

You can use the thousands-sep appearance and the answers to decimal questions will appear with thousands separators. 

Please use this link for reference: Appearance—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Please note the separator is set by the device's locale settings and are only applied on opening a survey from the Drafts, Outbox, Inbox, Sent folders, or when the response is populated by a default valur or calculation. 

Additionally, you can add number formatting patterns in ArcGIS Dashboards: Format numbers—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation 

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