Constrain integer field to be not empty

07-28-2020 12:09 PM
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I have an integer field called num1. Has a default of zero.  But you can erase that zero and leave the field blank.  This blank field is not considered an integer (kills calculations for instance).

I want to put a constraint on it so you don't leave it empty (i.e. no number, no text).  I can't seem to do it.

I have tried testing to see what this "empty" integer field is interpreted as, and I can tell you this:

${num1}=''   is FALSE
${num1}=NaN  is FALSE
number(${num1})  is BLANK
string-length(${num1})  is 0
string-length(number(${num1})) is 0
string-length(string(${num1})) is 0

here is the survey with the num1 field empty:


and here with the num1 field with a valid number:

I tried using any of these in a constraint (e.g. string-length(.)>0 ) but that is ignored, or not seen as an issue as it happily lets me submit with this blank integer field.


Is there a way to constrain it?  

I have worked around it by using a calculation in another field, but was hoping I would not need to do this.

survey123 xlsx attached.


Tom S.

P.S.  ${num1}=null is FALSE, ${num1}=undefined is FALSE as well.

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Does required work?

I had an issue for a bit that you had to use string-length != or = 0.  >0 never worked - not sure why but could be that it is considered text.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Doug for the reply.  Yes, required will do it, but I don't want to make it required if I don't have to. Maybe there is no difference between required and constraint of a number/digit, have to ponder that.

My workaround was to make that field a null field and add another field that was calc'ed via an if statement, which honors the string-length query (if(string-length(${num1})=0,0,${num1})


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Hi Tom,

In Survey123 terms, a required field is a field that must not be blank - you should make the field required.

Another approach would be to wrap the the question in coalesce(${q}, 0) to provide a default value when blank.

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Hello, I know this thread is older but I stumbled on it when I was troubleshooting something in a survey and wanted to post a link to some useful esri documentation on empty values.

Particularly relevant to this particular post:

  • Empty values for integer and decimal questions are represented as NaN (not a number). This is a special value that represents the absence of a valid value.

  • The NaN value compared to any other value is only true in a calculation of an is not equal value comparison. All other expressions result in false.

Hope this maybe helps someone!

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