Connection problem with older tablet

04-27-2019 07:32 AM
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for several years now I'm using Samsung SM-T11O Lite 7" tablets (Android 4.2.2) during fieldwork with Survey123 app installed on it.

This year I'm having for the first time difficulties:

- the newest version of the Survey123 app is only for 4.4 Android or higher but I could resolve that by installing the Survey123 Classic app (for Android 4.1-4.3)

- when I want to log in on my ESRI account I get an error message: 'Web page not accessible: the webpage on 

is possibly not accessible or has been moved to a new web address'

- when I want to submit forms via the internet I get a message 'Failure while sending: the survey could not be send due to following error: SSL Required'

This means: I can make the survey but I'm not able to submit the results.

Anyone who has an idea to resolve this?


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Hi Luc,

Are you using AGO or Enterprise (Portal) and if so what version?

You are correct that the latest version of Survey123 is only supported on Android 4.4 and higher. The Classic version is a copy of an older version of the app, based on the 2.8 release. It does not include any functionality or bug fixes added to the app since version 3.0 and above.

Recently there have also been changes to AGO and latest version of Portal sign-in and TLS/SSL requirements. It is possible these changes are now not supported in the Classic version of app any more.

Can you share your xlsx form so we can take a closer look to reproduce the issue with your survey in the Classic version of the app with either AGO or Portal (once you advise the version).



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