Connecting a Survey123 Questionnaire to a WebApp?

03-03-2021 06:47 AM
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Huge thanks in advance for any help on this.

I created a Survey123 for my colleagues to track new inquires and updates. I have the feature service from this layer, editable, and displayed in a WebApp with the Edit Widget enabled on the Survey123 layer. 

The problem is that filling out the Survey123 from the WebApp's Edit Widget is clunky and the choose_multiple fields doesn't autopopulate. I can't changes the basemaps in Survey123 because of my license restrictions.

I would like my colleagues to be able to reference the WebApp while completing the Survey123 form.
Is it possible to drop a point in the WebApp that then connects to the Survey123?

Alternatively, I might make the survey less form-centric and create a Collector app instead? 

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