Conditional report element for photo repeat question where the date is the same as the survey

07-08-2022 04:45 AM
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I am trying to create a report that takes the most recent photo (photo repeat question) submitted and uses this in a report.  I have tried multiple variations of the following, but with no success yet.

${if ((unit_image | getValue:"date")==${audit_date})} ${unit_image|size:300:300}${/}

${audit_date} is in the main survey, and can't get the repeat to see this because it is not in the table.

have tried flipping this to the ${CreationDate}, but this does not work either.

Our surveyors go out and open and existing survey and then update the survey with new details.  they only want to see what the new details are.  In this case images.

Would welcome any thoughts or ideas on this.


Jeff Van Etten
Head of GIS
Tetra Tech Ltd
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Are you referencing an error when trying to parse the Feature Report because ${audit_date} doesn't exist in the parsing scope? When I get that, I add a calculate inside my repeat, and make its calculation equal to the field located outside the repeat. Essentially, just draw that data inside the repeat exclusively for use in the Feature Report.

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