Combining Multiple Survey123 Entry's into a Form

11-20-2018 08:52 AM
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I want to know if there is a way to combine multiple Survey123 Geo-Locations into one point? The damage assessment group with my organization would like to see something that can replicate this within Survey123. I am aware of the recently released FEMA PDA template that was released but unfortunately my group is hard-nosed in using this template. I have attached an example below of what I want to know if anyone has a solution for. The Site Numbers represent the various damage assessment GPS Locations.

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Hi Eric

Yes, this should be possible, there are two ways I can think of doing it. Have you considered putting all the sites into a related table (repeat) so that you can create a new record for each site, which they can have their own details and own geopoint question.

Otherwise you could use the null esri field type against the additional geopoint questions, and use a calculation to pull the lat/long into text fields and store the values.