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Collecting offline data with default map AND use online maps in reports

07-14-2023 09:31 AM
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Is it possible to collect data using the field app with the default offline map AND have a report template that has an online map in Survey123?  So far I am having trouble with it.  In Connect, when I link the online map that I want to use in my reports, then use the field app offline, the map questions will not open.


Here is more background info than you want to know. 😁

OFFLINE NEED: I have hundreds of users of my forms that work in remote areas across the lower 48 in the US.  Office locations are often so remote that downloading an offline map can be difficult or impossible.  It took one user over 3 hours just to download and install the Survey123 field app on his phone because of his slow internet at the office.   The topographic TPK files I have are 200-600 MB.

Sideloading would be great, but is too technical for most of my users, and I am not able to travel to help them individually.   I've heard that vector tile packages can be smaller; however creating them for all of the forests will need to wait until next year.

So, I think my best bet is to use the default map that is created when a form is published from Connect. 

REPORT TEMPLATE MAPS:  I have some beautiful report templates with a location map and a map with special boundaries.  When I refer to online maps in the template, it may work at first, but fails shortly afterwords.  Here is how I have coded it:


General Location (1:400,000 Scale)


Map (1:24000 Scale)

When I try to generate reports, they fail and mention the map as the cause.  I think the solution to this is linking the map to an online map, but that causes the map questions to not show up in the field app offline.

I would appreciate any input.

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