Collaborate issues in Survey123

04-27-2020 07:05 AM
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I'm experiencing issues sharing my Survey123 surveys. In 'Collaborate' on I don't have the ability to access the 'Draft mode', 'Multiple submissions', 'Survey status'. And when I try and set 'Who can submit to this survey?' to 'Everyone (Public)' I hit save and it doesn't seem to save this command. I'm unsure what's going on. Anyone experience this issue as well or have any thoughts on how to make this function as expected?

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Hi Katie,

Are we working in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS? Additionally, was your survey created in the web designer, or through Survey123 Connect? 

When you attempt to save 'Who can submit to this survey?' to 'Everyone (Public) would you launch your browser's Developer Tools to see if we get any helpful information?



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I am having this Collaborate with Everyone issue as well. I am able to "Saved Successfull", but following a refresh of the page, the check box next to Everyone is unchecked. I've tried clearing cache, using another browser, and starting from scratch.

The issue has also stripped that setting from a previous survey where it had worked.

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