Cascading select not working in field app installed on computer

06-01-2018 07:44 AM
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Why would a cascading select field using external_choices work in my published survey in a browser AND in the field app on a mobile device, but NOT in the field app installed on my laptop computer? In the attached form, the RAMP and INSPECTOR NAME select_one_external fields both use the AGENCY_ABB field as a choice filter. This works fine everywhere except on my computer. It doesn't seem to matter if the fields are located inside or outside of a group, or whether their appearance is set to autocomplete or minimal. 

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Hi there, 

What version of the desktop Survey123 app do you have installed? What version of Survey123 Connect did you publish from?

What OS are you running?

I've published the survey and it appears to work as expected when using the desktop app (v2.1.22) and the iOS app (2.8.2)


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I thought I had the most recent version of both Survey123 and Connect, but I just installed 2.8.2 and it now works. Thanks.