Cannot place web map into custom feature report

10-06-2021 02:13 PM
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I have a feature report where I want to place a geopoint web map. I have put in the placeholder based off of the quick reference documentation, but every time I generate a report I get an error (attached). Is there a setting or different syntax that I need to use?

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My custom map uses this syntax:

${SITE_GEOGRAPHY|mapSettings: “<the id of a web map here>”:5000 |size:600:400}

In case that's helpful (the use of a different web map adds an extra dimension too I guess).

Also in the last few days I had to check the bindings of the geopoint fields in the xlsform for the survey. Turned out I had my geopoint listed as a number, and it used to not be an issue but apparently Esri introduced stricter checking of these things recently, and I got an error similar to yours.

I hope either of these things help - I've been knee deep in similar issues the last few days!

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