Can you use Feature Service from my own ArcGIS Server with Survey123

11-20-2020 04:51 AM
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Currently I can create a project via Survey123 which creates the Feature Class and Form, all of which get published to my AGOL Account

What I want to do is store that Feature Class on my Server and Publish that to a service and then consume it via the Survey123 Form that was originally created.

Can I use Survey123 to create the Feature Class and Form and then export the Feature Class to my Server and configure the form to point to the Form to look for this newly published Service?

Or is there another way to do this?

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I know you can use an existing feature class.


I think you should be able to. You might have to create a survey publish it and then recrate it using the exact same parameters except that you are using your hosted feature.

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Hello @jaykapalczynski ,

This is where the submission_url comes handy. You can set this when editing your survey in Survey123 Connect.

After publishing your service to the portal, copy the item id from the url in the browser.

Inside the survey go to the settings sheet, replace <portal_url> with your portal and paste the item id of your service at the end of this url: 


See also Survey123 with existing features  for more details.