Can you use a if in choice_filter?

06-29-2020 08:55 AM
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I thought I saw this posted before but I could not find it.

It seems like an if will not work in a choce_filter?

if(${PlantTypesCollected}="Noxious and Native", ${StateCode}=statecode or ${AlwaysLookup}=always, (${StateCode}=statecode or ${AlwaysLookup}=always) and ${PlantTypesCollected}=nonnative)

It also will break the choice_filter if I add any parens.  This makes it hard to do my query no matter what I try.

Is there another way to pull this off?


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Never did get it so my workaround was to concat 2 columns in Excel in order to get all the keys I need into 1 column (CONative).  Then did the lookup on that column using a field with a formula on it.

So if(value is x, lookup code, junk) so returns nothing.

Hope that helps someone.

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