Can you add / remove whole groups of conditional questions including formatting in feature reports?

03-09-2020 09:43 AM
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Hi all,

In my survey123 survey, I have a bunch of grouped questions that appear if a user selects a certain topic in a first question. For my feature report, one group of question translates to a separate table containing the results of all the questions within that group.

My question:

is it possible to only include grouped questions in a report if the group was activated through a multi_select first question. I would like to avoid having pages of empty tables in my report.

Here's an example of what I would like to do:

${if ((categories | selected: "dangerous_substances"))}




Substances et liquides susceptibles de polluer les eaux / sols

Note : ${ evaluation_dangerous_substances_liquids | getValue:""}

Citernes diesel sur place :

${ diesel_tank | selected : "yes"}   Oui

${if ((diesel_tank | selected: "yes"))}Nombre : ${nb_tank}${/}

${ diesel_tank | selected : "no"}   Non

${if ((diesel_tank | selected: "yes"))}Nom citerne : ${ name_tank }${/}


${if ((diesel_tank | selected: "yes"))}Date du dernier contrôle : ${ date_last_control }${/}

Conformité des citernes :

${ conformity | selected : "yes"}   Oui

${ conformity | selected : "no"} Non

Autres substances à risque :

${ other_substances_risk | selected : "yes"} Oui

${ other_substances_risk | selected : "no"} Non

${if ((other_substances_risk | selected: "yes"))}Substances présentes : ${ other_substances}${/}

Stockage conforme :

${ storage_compliant | selected : "yes"} Oui

${ storage_compliant | selected : "no"} Non

${if ((storage_compliant | selected: "no"))}Précisions : ${ storage_compliant_details}${/}

Remarques :

${ remarks_substances }


So in this example, I would like to only show the table and the referenced values, if that category of "dangerous_substances" was ticked earlier in the survey.

Any ideas?

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