Can Survey123 export data to excel sheets?

04-03-2019 09:18 AM
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We are using survey123 with Portal to host our forms. Is it possible to export collected data from a survey to an excel sheet? I thought I saw something sometime ago where you could use an API but I can't seem to find anything searching google. We hope to export the selected data collected from survey123 and print them to our layouts and file them.

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Hi Jordan,

There are multiple ways to export your data to an Excel document. 

Take a look here

Download Results

This help documentation explains the following...

Since data captured withSurvey123 for ArcGIS is stored in feature services, you can use the standard ArcGIS REST API to trigger the download. JavaScript, Python, PHP, Scala, Java, and .NET are some of the environments from which you can invoke the ArcGIS REST API.

If looking to download manually, you can use the following..

Once you access the Survey123 website and select the Data tab, you will see Export options.  The option to export to Excel are the same that are available for any feature layer.

The steps via portal would be

1. Navigate to Survey123 site via portal<portal url>

2. Select survey from 'My Surveys' menu

3. Select Data tab

4. Select desired records to export from table and select from Export dropdown menu



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For some reason I am generating generic errors when I tried using the "Export" and "Report (Beta)" options. Any thoughts?

The first error occurs when we try using the Export feature.

The second error occurs when we try using the Report (Beta) to download a template:

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Can you provide more information related to your environment?

What version of Portal are you using?

Were these surveys created from an existing feature service, or an XLSForm using Survey123 Connect?  If Survey123 Connect, can you upload your XLSForm or send to me in a private message on GeoNet?

One other thing to review is the following documentation related to exporting data

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Hello @BrandonArmstrong 

I am also experiencing issues when trying to download directly from the Data Tab.

The Excel spreadsheet is in Japanese, but the first images blue buttin is to download.

By clicking on that the following error appears.


Has anyone else experienced this?


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