Can I use ArcGIS Pro to edit points created in Survey123 and pushed to portal?

02-24-2020 12:33 PM
New Contributor

I'm trying to edit a web map that contains points created from a survy123 form and features from an SDE database (SQL).  Because the GPS from input devices is low quality, I'd like to move the Survey123 points closer to features they represent in PRO (as well as clean up some of the attribute data from typos).  I must be missing an obvious step here somewhere.  I can select the points, but can perform no editing of them at all.  Thoughts?

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Hi David,

What user role did you use to edit the data? You would need to make sure the user role you are using have add,update, and delete records permission with the survey data. You could check it from survey123 website under Collaborate tab for Summitter role. 

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