Can I use a custom URL to specify the basemap in web app?

10-14-2020 09:52 AM
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I have a Survey created in Connect and published. When I open the Survey in web browser the basemap defaults to USGS topo (too busy for what I need). Can I use a custom URL in a webpage to call the Survey and simultaneously force the basemap choice?

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Hello Scott Costello‌, 

There is not a parameter to specify a default basemap using the URL parameters. Please use this link for reference regarding the Parameters for for web app.

Alternatively what you can do is specify the default basemap or web map ID you would like to use in the body::esri:style column of the XLSForm. 

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Thanks Zach - this is a refresh of an older Survey and I don't recall the body::esri:style field being there at that time. That does the trick - exactly what I was looking for. Oddly, that refresh caused some alignment issues in other parts of the Survey, but that should be an easy fix.

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