Can I upgrade an existing survey from basic to advanced template?

10-12-2017 04:20 PM
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I have a survey developed in the basic template and I want to utilize the bind::esri:parameters column in the advanced template to be able to download related records on the iPad with the survey responses via the Inbox. Is there a way to upgrade the survey to advanced in Survey123 Connect?

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Hi Tom, 

You should be able to do this by copy/pasting the columns you want from the advanced template into your basic one and republishing. 


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Thank you for the response. I thought there may be a schema transfer or import tool available, but I can copy and paste.


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This is an old post, but an annoying issue, especially when columns are moved around and you have a large survey.  The method I use to get the values into the correct columns is this:

1. use a MATCH() formula to get the position of the destination column from the source spreadsheet
2. use an INDEX formula to pull the correct data over.
3. use an ISNA formula to ensure you don't get #N/A values where there are no matches
4. use an IF formula with an ISBLANK() to remove the pesky zeros that Excel pulls if a cell is empty.

Step 1. Add a new sheet in the destination workbook (latest Advanced Template).  Name the sheet "TEMP"
Step 2. Copy the Header row from the latest Advanced Template 'survey' sheet to the "TEMP" sheet.
Step 3. Ensure both the Source and Destination Workbooks are Open
Step 4. use a formula at TEMP!A2 to copy the data over to the correct columns

The formula in the destination sheet for Cell A2 I used is:
=IFNA(IF(ISBLANK(INDEX('[source_worksheet.xlsx]survey'!$A$1:$AE$314,ROW(), MATCH(tblSurvey[[#Headers],[type]],'source_worksheet.xlsx'!Table4[#Headers],0))),"",INDEX('[source_worksheet.xlsx]survey'!$A$1:$AE$314,ROW(), MATCH(tblSurvey[[#Headers],[type]],'source_worksheet.xlsx'!Table4[#Headers],0))),"")

You would need to edit this formula (the pink text) to have the correct source spreadsheet and correct table names, etc..  The latest Advanced Template table name is tblSurvey, but past ones may not be consistent.  Mine was Table4.

Step 5. Next, drag copy this formula across the row and then select the whole row and drag copy down your sheet to pull all the data into the TEMP sheet.

Step 6. copy all results and paste values at cell A2 on the survey sheet, Check the results.

Step 7. Delete the TEMP Sheet

Step 8. Close the source sheet and rename it as a backup

Step 9. Save the destination sheet as the source sheet's name and open Survey123 connect.

Never copy from one spreadsheet and paste directly on top of the other as it will paste conditional values, formats, cell validation, etc which is overwriting the good stuff in the destination sheet!  If you are copying columns manually, use Paste Values.

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