Can I restrict a decimal question to just one decimal place?

03-04-2016 12:50 PM
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I would like to limit a decimal entry question to just one decimal place.  Is that possible?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Lou,

have a look at this announcement:  International Women’s Day Release Pay particular attention to Input Masks.  A mask such as 9000.9 will for example allow figures up to 9999 with one decimal.  A mas such as 9.9 will allow figures up to 9 with one decimal and 99.9, figures up to 100 with one decimal.

The input mask implementation is only present in versions of Connect 1.2.56 or newer. In the app, you will need 1.2.82 or newer.  We JUST got input masks. At the moment, they are more reliable on Windows, Mac and iOS. On Android they do not tend to work so well. If you find things not working as expected, let us know. We cannot fix what we do not know. Will fix issues based on feedback provided.

Thanks a lot,