Can I confirm whether the analyze tab in only reflects "non-edited" data?

04-14-2020 12:56 PM
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I created a survey for one of my clients and they have the ability to edit the data.  After making edits to all the data in a specific field they went to look at the data under the analyze tab in and the "count" and "percentage" both show 0.

I can't seem to locate any documentation to tell me for sure but I want to confirm as to whether the data shown under the "analyze" tab only reflects data "as submitted" and does not show the data once it has been edited.

Can anyone point me to some documentation please?  Or confirm my assumption?


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Bob,

The data displayed under the data or analyze tabs will always display the current state of the data - it will reflect any edits that have been made.

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Hello James,

Thank you for that response.

So I guess that leads to my next question, why is there no data showing for that question then? It shows there were responses and the map shows points but I can’t see any data….as the screen grab shows.

Thoughts please?


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