Can AllowUpdates and AllowAdds in ESRI:Bind:Parameters be changed after a survey has been published?

01-24-2019 10:26 AM
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Hi all,

I have a daily summary form that I would like to have the ability to edit in the inbox in 123.  I set the ESRI:Bind:Parameters to allowUpdates=true and allowAdds=true but in the inbox i do not see the previous data that I would like to edit and can only update data via the Sent items.  

Also once those are set can they be changed via 123Connect?


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Hi Timothy,

Have you specified a query?  Try inputting the following into the bind::esri:parameters column of the 'begin repeat' row for the repeat that you would like to enable for editing...

query allowUpdates=true

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Thanks Brandon!  That worked for me.