Calculation field in repeat cannot recalculated after adding new record or in edit page

01-09-2023 01:10 AM
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Hello, I am using Survey123 to collect some real-estate data from the field. I'm using repeats to get multiple properties. For example, if a parcel has 2 properties, the consultant can press the "+" button and add second property. But the problem is, there are some calculations in repeat section, when the consultant wants to pass to next property, he can not turn back and edit previous data. Actually, he can but calculation fields are not being updated in that case. I have checked, bind::esri:parameters is equal to calculationMode=always. But still have the same problem. Can someone help me with it? Or advise me what can I do in this case?

You can find excel sheet for my survey in the attachments.


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I think you are seeking indexed-repeat() function. It can bring specific values from within a repeat question. It may have been possible to use it with position to bring across the previous answers. However it appears to not be supported within the one repeat as it creates circular logic. That may also be why it's still an open idea:

You could also consider breaking the survey down and making it less complex. I've seen a lot of surveys like this that benefited from the repeat becoming a survey by itself, or doing calculations after data collection. It's difficult to make any suggestions on how to approach this one specifically as it's large and in a foreign language. Reducing the number of questions, calculations and choice list values would also avoid performance issues.

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