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02-03-2021 09:00 PM
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Hey All, 

Hoping to get some assistance.  

I have a survey where I need to assign a score to each select_one choice and provide a total at the end of the survey. 

a calculation is straightforward except when I have 2 or more choices with the same score, in the same category. 


1        pear

2        apple

5        banana

1        apple

in the form if 1 is selected, naturally it checks both pear and apple as a choice, which is not what I want. :)

interestingly though, the calculation only calculates the 1 choice, not both apple and pear. 

At the moment I have the score in the name column of the choices sheet. Is there anyway to calculate the label? 

I'm sure this is something simple that i've missed. :)







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Take a look at pulldata.  They select apple then you do a lookup for the value.

Hope that helps.

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