Button icons in Connect 3.9.120 not visible

07-31-2020 05:34 AM
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A few weeks ago I noticed the the button icons on the left side of the Connect window are not visible. 

button icons missing

This is what I am used to seeing:

connect button icons visible

While creating a new survey today I found that checkmarks are not appearing in a select multiple question

select multiple no checkmarks

I see the same issue with check marks in the v3.9.149 of the field app on windows. I also don't see the < at the top when I want to go back to the previous screen. 

I reinstalled Connect 3.9.120 today but it did not fix the issues. I'm running Windows 10

w10 specs

I'm running v3.7x of Connect and the field app on a Windows 7 machine and I don't have these issues.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Mike,

This looks like a graphics driver issue on your Windows 10 machine, we have seen this type of thing before where images and buttons appear "missing" as they are not being rendered correctly.

Can you please try update the graphics drivers with latest available from the manufacture website, and also ensure all Windows Updates are up to date. The newer versions of Survey123 use updated drivers and libraries, that require the installed drivers on your devices to be up to date in some cases.



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