Bug Reports + Map crash in Survey123 Connect

05-11-2017 12:45 PM
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James Tedrick

Hi, sorry, I couldn't find a section anywhere for Bugs/Issues & the Github repo is supposedly going away ...

What's the appropriate route to submit issues after this week?

Survey123 Collector 2.0.41

Windows 10

Crashes when manually typing in the "Detailed Map - Zoom Level" under "Settings" for a survey.

Arrow buttons work fine to incrementally zoom between 1.2119 ~ 19.0.

You can type 2-9, but if you type "1" (e.g. in order to set zoom to "10-19" w/o clicking the 'up' button repeatedly) it immediately crashes w/"Unhandled Exception" Error: (a stackoverflow & references Qt5Gui.dll, but seems like some conditional restriction).

The Preview Map zoom level works when typing 0-19; it just doesn't change the map from min default between 0-1.25.

Steps to recreate:

- Open or create a new survey

- Go to its "Settings", then "Map"

- In the "Detailed Map" section, type "1" for Zoom Level.



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Esri Esteemed Contributor


Posting just like this is fine.  This issue has been previously identified; I've added your comments to it.  Aside from posting in GeoNet, submitting an issue through Esri Technical Support is recommended; among other things, they provide an easy way for us to keep track of customers experiencing particular issues.

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Hi James, 

Just a note to say this crash is still appearing in Survey123 Connect 2.1.9


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Carmel,

Yes, this issue has not been addressed yet.

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