Bug - now() function is not working on Chrome or Edge browser.

01-24-2020 09:06 AM
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Hello all,

I created a bunch of surveys for a while for a maintenance project. Lots of points on map, you click in one to report an issue, and it creates a new point on feature class to represent that issue. It has a dateTime field, with the now() to collect what time the issue was recorded.

So when i go to a existing project which was working fine, I see that the now() completely fails to collect the data. today() as well. I tried on Chrome and Edge, however, it still works on Firefox.

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Hi Gustavo,

I'm getting the same issues on my Survey that just went live today. Chrome just won't return the date/time. Edge is broken as well since it is now based on Chromium. The rest (IE, Firefox and Safari) all work just fine on the web client.


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Gustavo, Scott Costello,

When I publish a form with now(), it is working for me correctly in Chrome.  Can you provide examples where this is failing for you (either files or screenshots)?

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