Block old surveys from modification or download

05-14-2020 06:52 PM
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I create new versions of surveys as new information is needed. I keep old versions cause their data is important but sometimes new users confuse them and #download the old versions. Or, they download the new and they don't erase the old one and they get confuse (on the moving boat, with the sun, it becomes hard). So, I wanted to know if there is an option for movil devices to #block the download and/or the filling of a survey.

Thanks !


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Hi Xochitl,

The best way to achieve this is to un-share the Form item with other users, so that only you can see it. The FS and other related items can still be shared to other users in org or everyone, but if the Form item is not shared, then users can not download it (they will not see it), they can not update it, and also they can not submit data to it.



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Great idea ! Thanks !