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05-02-2018 10:17 AM
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I was updating an older form to use the null field type. I copied the new list of ESRI Field Types to this older form's type sheet. In my survey the drop down no longer works for this field. How can I fix it?

Update: I figured out that I needed to reset the range in the data validation for that column of cells.

Select one of the cells in the column for bind::esri:fieldType

 From the Data tab in Excel, Data Tools on the ribbon, click Data Validation...Data Validation. Click on the up arrow on Source. Excel will take you to the types worksheet. Select the new range. Click on the down arrow. Excel will take you back to this screen. Click on the By checking "Apply these changes to other cells with the same settings" it will apply this to all rows in the column.

data validation

My dropdown works again and all of the choices are visible.

I used this opportunity to sort these drop down lists alphabetically.

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Hi Mike,

Glad you worked it out. Alternatively, another way to get all the latest features is to use the advanced template and copy all your questions and choices over from the old xlsx form to the new template, and when pasting in select values only, so that all the formatting and ranges are kept in tact. That can often be quicker and easier then modifying all the ranges in the old template to match the new types sheet.


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