Barcode Scanning - Multiple parameters

06-25-2019 08:54 AM
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Is it possible to take attributes stored within a QR/Barcode, and split to different fields within a form?

For example, QR code holds the text value:

Text1, Text2, Text3

I want to take these and assign as follows:

Question1: Text1

Question2: Text2

Question3: Text3

I understand that substr() function exists, but I need to take whole words.


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Josh,

Have you tried setting the barcode question to minimal, so that the text input box that will contain the entire text string of the barcode is not displayed in the form, and then use 3 following text questions with calculations, or you can use hidden calculate questions if you prefer none of them displayed on the form. You can then try using a regex or substr functions to pull the values you want out of the barcode question string.


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