Autopopulate Asset ID to Survey123 form from several different features

07-01-2021 12:45 PM
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Hi all, 

So I have a team going out to do field inspections on a large number of different assets (pipes, structures, manholes, etc etc) for a fire risk assessment. The forms are quite long and I have created them in S123. I have also published all the different feature layers to AGOL. The plan is to have field team use Field Maps to view the data, and link to S123 form from the pop-ups for each feature. My question is - do I need to publish a different Survey form from each of the existing feature layers to get the survey form to autopopulate asset ID? I've read up on related tables and how to make this work but I'm still finding the process hard to replicate. I also wonder if a different form needs to be done for each feature layer being surveyed or if there is a way to link them all to one survey form. Any suggestions or recommended how-to resources would be much appreciated!


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Have you seen my post here?  It has step by step.

I link 9 diff forms to one main point and it works great.  I have found a set of smaller forms performs better than 1 huge one.  Esp on iPad we see memory errors at times.  Also it allows crews to use multiple tablets at the same time with diff parts of the process.

To populate asset ids I pass them from Collector/Field Maps to the forms.  Then the relationship classes ties them all together.  Even been experimenting with callback urls.  See here where it launch 123, passes in the test id then goes back to Field Maps automatically.

Launch 123 with callbacks.gif

Hope that helps.

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That's very helpful, thank you! I'll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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