Automatically Refresh Inbox when Inbox Button in Selected

03-01-2019 12:25 PM
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In our workflow:

  1. User A enters new "item 1" and related information into inventory (set as not claimed by default)
  2. User 1 can then use the inbox to retrieve the information and mark "item 1" as claimed, which will make it disappear when the inbox is refreshed (inbox only retrieves not claimed items)
  3. User 2 had also previously refreshed the inbox and downloaded the information pertaining to "item 1". However, since this action happened prior to step 2 listed above, the record is still flagged as "not claimed". User 2 has then all the ability to retrieve "item 1" and overwrite any previous information entered by User 1, which includes an address for delivery of the item

Potential solution:

Survey123 only allows to refresh the inbox list manually, that is by tapping the refresh button or using a push down gesture. This could be easily resolved if the inbox screen is automatically refreshed when the user taps inbox.

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Hi Javier,

Thanks for the above post and suggestion to create an enhancement to the Inbox refresh. We currently have the Inbox refresh implemented by a manual selection of the Refresh button due to supporting offline workflows and how the list view and map view changes depending on the spatial extent queried.

That being said, it could be possible to have an option to set in Connect when enabling the Inbox to have it manual or automatically refreshed. To see if this enhancement has any merit and if there are any other Survey123 users who think it is a good idea too, can I suggest you create it as an idea on the ArcGIS Ideas page.

Once it gets some votes and popularity, we can look at how this might work in the current Survey123 app.



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Is this something I could easily accomplish by altering the code using App Studio?

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by Anonymous User
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Yes, you could modify the source code of Survey123 using the latest template and AppStudio to automatically refresh the Inbox every time it is opened or the the page returned to, instead of having to manually select the Refresh button.


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@JAVIERVARA_SANZ Have you submitted this as an Idea? I think think it would be a great idea. I think if there is no internet connection, I may not work well, but when the users are connected to the internet an automatically refreshed inbox would help overwriting data as you described.


UPDATE: this question has been submitted as an Idea. If you like this suggestion please give it a kudos: