Automatic GPS Averaging

08-03-2017 07:28 AM
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Is there a way to start GPS averaging without any user input when the survey is opened?  The would ensure that the user always uses the averaging.

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I'd also like to be able to always go to waypoint averaging automatically, particularly in mountainous terrain. I've noticed that when using favorite answers, if the phone doesn't have a GPS fix first, the survey will pull in the location from the favorite. If the  favorite wouldn't include it's location, it would help, but I'd prefer any increase in accuracy offered by averaging. I've had multiple surveys done that showed up at the favorite's location. Some I've been able to locate by using the EXIF data from the accompanying photo taken at the end of the survey.

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Hello James Tedrick‌ / Ismael Chivite‌ / Marika Vertzonis

I'm currently testing the beta 3.1.65 release that includes full GNSS metadata capabilities. I have my locational accuracy set to 1ft, and love that Survey123 will ping my GPS receiver until it reaches that threshold then lock in those values. However, what would also be excellent is if GPS Averaging could be initiated without any user input, as Larry Wiebe‌ requests above. Ideally, this may be triggered based on if the survey detects either:

  • If I detect I'm using an external GPS receiver and I have ${sourceTypy) ='RTK' then I want ${accuracyThreshold} < 1ft.
  • If i detect I'm using an internal GPS receiver, or my external receiver does not have RTK service, I want averaging to kick-in and my accuracyThreshold = 5ft

Furthermore, is there already some method to capture the number of positions used to capture an averaged location? If so, I can't find any info on how to get it.

I can't emphasize enough how valuable a "fall back" option such as this would be. It would add significant value to the ability of Survey123 to leverage external GPS receivers which commonly require cellular connectivity to get subfoot accuracies. Knowing I could automatically switch to the averaging option (and not have to rely on field crews to do it for me) would be awesome!

I do think I could rig something up through the use of TWO GeoPoints - making one relevant based on the receiver type and/or ${sourceType}. However, that's a major pain as then I need to query two GeoPoints to determine where I get values such as Lat/Long etc.

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yes we agree with you regarding averaging and it is our intention to add the ability for the survey author to specify how many points are to be averaged as a part of the functionalities first full release.

currently averaging only available with the press and hold method and you can not capture the number of positions used.

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Has anyone found a way to automatically start GPS averaging when using Survey123 yet?

I've been searching the internet for resources and am now following up on this thread. I'm trying to increase accuracy and minimize the number of details our field crews have to remember when using the app to collect data.

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