Autocomplete some questions in form with data from a feature layer?

03-16-2023 11:33 AM
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I am filling up a survey that will be consisting of points. These points are locations of buildings that field techs would go to the site and update the data as needed and filling up certain questions. Since it's a tedious task to fill these up when we already have some of this data already, is it possible to use a feature layer to help autocomplete these forms? For example if a tech wants to fill up the building ID field and let's say the id is B234 and this ID is already stored in the feature layer. What can I use so the form shows a selection of IDs to autocomplete from out feature layer? I looked into pulldata but it seems that this is more for polygons? I should say the layer we have also has other fields that would be used to autocomplete. Ideally, we would want to select the correct building id from the autocomplete and this would autofill other information that we have in the feature layer.

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Hi. I can see a couple of options here.

  • In Survey123 Connect, you can enable the Inbox in your survey.  Through the Inbox, you can download into your device existing GIS records and update them
  • Alternatively, also with Survey123 Connect, you can use:
    • search appearance: To populate a list with values from a GIS layer
    • pulldata: To calculate a value through a lookup search