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05-20-2020 10:46 AM
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I am wanting to autocomplete an Address field in my Survey 123 Connect survey where the user would simply input the first few numbers of an address (i.e. 123) and autocomplete would provide them with a number of suggestions.  I am aware of the choices functionality but I have around 2 million addresses.  I also looked into the cascading functionality as well.  I do have the addresses in a CSV along with the county that they are in.  Is there a recommended method to use when I have this many addresses?  Thanks in advanced.


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Hi Craig,

For the number of entries that you mention, you definitely would need to break up the choices using a cascading select of some form.  Another method might be to break up the address into components, such as Street Name, and then from that present the valid numbers.  I would expect some possible performance issues as the form still would need to load the choice lists to be able to filter to the appropriate one.

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