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09-04-2018 10:19 AM
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Hay muchas zonas que tenemos sin internet por lo que tenemos que trabajar OFF line con Survey123 y funciona correctamente, el problema es que para que la información se envíe dependemos que el usuario tenga que hacer click en ENVIAR cuando tenga conexión de datos,  lo ideal seria poder configurar que al tener conexión envie automaticamente la informacion de Survey123, me sucede las envian hasta dos dias despues. Existe esta opcion?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Marco,

Based on a quick translation, you are asking the following:

There are many areas that we have without internet so we have to work OFF line with Survey123 and it works correctly, the problem is that for the information to be sent we depend on the user having to click on SEND when they have data connection, ideally to be able to configure that when having connection automatically send the information of Survey123, I happen to send them up to two days later. Is there this option?

Survey123 does not support automatically sending surveys in the Outbox when data connection changes. Due to the size of the surveys, attachments and number of surveys to send that could be stored in Outbox at any one time, trying to automatically send them in the background when the user is going in and out of data connection will cause errors and failures if connection is not stable or continuous. The monitoring of network changes on background will also cause higher data usage and battery usage. Therefore the preferred method is for the user to manually to send the survey using the Send now button when the app is open and connection available.


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